Fauja Singh – 100 Year Old Marathoner

I’ve run a few marathons, so on this one, I speak with authority.  Marathons are hard – very hard, even when you are young.

So here I sit thinking about getting back to running after a long layoff, and wondering if I’m too old to run any more.  I do have that hip that sometimes flares up, and it’s terribly hot outside, and running might not be good for someone “my age,” and I could fall and injure myself, and there’s always the possibility of a knee injury, and . . . well, you get it.

Then, along comes Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathoner.  Mr. Singh completed the Toronto Marathon at age 100 (I’m 67).  Although he isn’t running competitive marathons any more at age 103, he still spends 4 hours every day running.

Something tells me that Mr. Singh wouldn’t be very impressed with my lame excuses for not running a mile or two every once in a while “at my age!”

Thank you Mr. Singh for that much needed shot of inspiration.  Now, where are those running shoes?

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