The Amazing Story of Cliff Young

Cliff Young in 1983

Cliff Young in 1983

This is truly the story of an UpGraded Senior Superstar – one named Cliff Young.  Cliff entered (and won) the Sydney to Melbourne run in Australia (544 miles) at age 61.  Oh, and he broke the record for the run in the process by almost two days.

Not that it matters, but he ran without his false teeth because “they rattled.”  😉

Cliff passed away at age 81 in 2003, but his inspirational story lives on, especially for UpGraded Seniors.  These two videos are well worth your time.

The first is an introduction about Cliff by Jack Canfield.

The second video below is a news story with footage of Cliff. As if Cliff’s performance at age 61 wasn’t inspirational enough, don’t miss the fact that he gave away his first place prize money to the other runners and kept none of it for himself!

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