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This Is a Job I Do NOT Want!

Tower Man

Talk about a job that requires both nerve and fitness, watch this video all the way through. The star of this show doesn’t qualify as a “senior,” but I bet when he’s older he’ll be an UpGraded Senior. His is a job I would not do – period!  No amount of money could change my…



If you are a senior who is clueless about how to start an exercise program, take a look at the National Institute on Aging Go4Life Program.  It’ll get you going in the right direction. OK, we eliminated that excuse.  Why are you still here?  Go4Life.

Oh, Stop It!

Laughing Babies

Remember when you were younger and you and a friend got a bad case of uncontrollable giggles – usually in a totally inappropriate place, like school or church? And every time you’d look at each other – it would start again. Well, UpGraders, these two toddlers know the feeling! They are simply unable to control…

New York Minute vs. Internet Minute (the Internet Wins)

Data Storage on Internet

The pie chart below demonstrates in graphic terms what’s going on with the Internet. To put it mildly, the internet is storing/transmitting an almost incomprehensible amount of information every minute. According to IDC, a market research firm, in 2013 there were over 4 zettabytes of data on the Internet. For you non-techies, a zettabyte is…

Words Used Badly

use of words

We UpGraded Seniors need to continually (not continuously) challenge our minds to keep them sharp. Vocabulary Challenge Here’s a quick read that you may find instructive.  I did. Steve Pinker, a linguist and cognitive scientist at Harvard has compiled a list of the 58 most commonly misused words and phrases in the English language. As…

They’re Saying Your Grandkids Won’t Live As Long

Grim Reaper

I just used that headline to get your attention.  Sorry! New statistics from the National Center For Health Statistics released this month indicate that a baby’s life expectancy at birth actually declined for the total U.S. population from 78.9 years in 2014 to 78.8 in 2015. This is the first such decrease in more than…

Don’t Exercise For Weight Loss!

Don't Exercise to Lose Weight

I’ve kinda known this for a long time, but it runs exactly opposite to the popular notion of why we exercise. We don’t exercise for weight loss, or at least we shouldn’t. If you’re one of those people spending hour after boring hour every week on a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, elliptical trainer or…

I remind myself that media entertainment and the celebrity craze is funded by the advertising dollars of major corporations with the intention of softening the minds of viewers to the point where they believe the advertisements . . . .

— Malcolm Henderson from Granddad in the Back

Some Seniors Never Learn

Doris Payne

So much for the old saying, “with age comes wisdom.” This 86 year old geriatric jewel thief, Doris Payne, doesn’t seem to have learned much about personal integrity, or staying out of jail, in all her many years. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Top 10 Movies for Grownups

The AARP announced its “Top 10 Movies for Grownups” last Friday.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m out of touch with movies and television, but I have never heard of any of the movies that made the list with the exception of Sully.  I should broaden my horizons. Here’s the list: Arrival Fences…