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The Upgrading Senior-in-Chief (that’s me) will try to keep you informed of his current reading material in case you’re interested in looking at the references behind the information found on UpgradedSenior.Com.

Although a seemingly simple task, it could prove to be a formidable challenge.  When it comes to my reading, I tend to frenetically move from one book to another.  I call it research.  Others would probably call it attention deficit.  With that word of caution, posted below is the Upgrading Senior’s current reading list.

At the top under the heading “Books I’m Reading Now” I’ll list (who could have guessed?) books I am reading NOW.  I shall, however, leave the older entries on the page under the heading “Books I Already Read” for historical reference to new readers of UpgradedSenior.Com.  The logic of it all is inescapable 😉 .

Books I’m Reading Now

I just started this one (August 5, 2014).  It promises to have some interesting and humorous anecdotes about the author’s quest to become the healthiest human alive.  We’ll see.





Books I Already Read

June, 2013

I just received this tome from Amazon, so I have just read a chapter or two.  Not that it matters, but I can’t say I like the title.  I would say the author might have done better as far as choosing a title that both identifies the subject matter and draws people to consider purchasing it.

I became aware of the book because I am a fan of Dr. Kelly Starrett’s website, MobilityWOD.Com.  I hadn’t thought of it until now, but his website suffers a bit of the same “naming” problem.  Best I can tell, WOD is a Crossfit code which stands for “workout of the day.”  So, if you know the code, the website title makes sense.

One of the things that instantly tags you as an “old geezer” is how you move.  You seniors know what I’m talking about.  Things like:

  • Stiff necks
  • Low backs that ache and cause us to walk in strange positions
  • Arthritic hips with somewhere around 0% range of motion, even bionic hips
  • Knees that ache and need to be replaced
  • Walking with odd posture and a limp because of the combined effect of one or more of the foregoing.

Good news, Upgraders!  There’s a fix for that.  Now I’m not saying the fix is easy – or pain free.  Dr. Kelly can put you through some painful remedies, but the results are worth it.  As I said, I’m just getting started with the book, but I’ve been watching the videos on the website for a while.  I have a LONG WAY to go, but I think Dr. Starrett has the right approach, even for seniors.

A word of caution about the website:  If you go to the website, don’t be put off by the fact that there are a lot of tattoos and information aimed at high performance athletes.  Watch some of the videos.  You’ll be hooked if you’re interested in getting out of that aching, stiff body of yours.

A word of caution about the Supple Leopard book:  This book is 400 pages.  It’s not light reading.  Some of it is a little technical.  But, it is an extremely useful reference if you are interested in maintaining your physical mobility, and it is a beautifully illustrated book with hundreds of photographs depicting the techniques being discussed.

Whether you buy the book or not, go to the MobilityWOD website and check out some of the videos.  I can just about guarantee your movement will improve if you follow Dr. Starrett’s advice.

Well, got to get back to my reading.  Keep UpGrading.

May, 2013

I have owned this book for a while.  It’s one of those that I started reading and allowed my A.D.D. to set in, so I never finished.  I’m headed out to the Smoky Mountains tomorrow and this book will be going along for the ride.

I know for a fact that this is an excellent book on a subject of keen interest to Upgrading Seniors – Living Longer.  Dr. Bowden knows his stuff and his writing is both entertaining and informative.

I dug the book out earlier this week and started reading a few chapters.  I hope to finish it while I’m relaxing and hiking in the mountains.  I’ll be posting some photos of the mountain hikes soon.  Stay tuned.


February, 2013:

Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle

Some would probably refer to this as a “cookbook.”  In fact, it is a comprehensive reference resource on Paleo nutrition, which is my current nutritional plan of choice.


 “Diane has made a work in Practical Paleo that is as useful as it is beautiful. Are you an athlete? Do you suffer from digestive distress? Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition? Maybe you just want to live a long life and look good naked! Whatever your goals, Diane has done the heavy lifting by condensing the science and a lot of practical how-tos into bite-size pieces.”—Robb Wolf, New York Times best-selling author of The Paleo Solution

This is a gorgeous book, physically speaking, which is why I encourage you to buy the physical book rather than the Kindle version.  The photos, charts, graphs, and lists contained in the book are what make this book special.

The book contains:

  • 30-Day meal plans, and each meal plan is targeted at supporting a particular problem (autoimmune conditions, digestive health, blood sugar regulation heart health, athletic performance, etc.)
  • Over 120 Paleo recipes to use with the meal plans
  • And, tear out guides on subjects like “stocking a Paleo pantry,” “guide to food quality,”guide to sweeteners,” and “guide to gluten.”

I have a number of Paleo cookbooks and references, but if I had to choose one, all-purpose, Paleo guide, this would be my choice because it is well written, scientifically sound, comprehensive in its coverage of the topic, and just a darn beautiful book.

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