Save A Life (Maybe Your Own!)

How many of you Upgrading Seniors are aware that there is a “new and improved” CPR technique that is:

  • Easier to learn than the old CPR
  • More effective than the old CPR
  • Doesn’t require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Doubles the chances of survival for someone suffering from cardiac arrest

Doesn’t that sound like something all of us Upgrading Seniors should learn and make sure our families learn as well?

This technique is called “Continuous Chest Compression CPR” and it’s very easy to learn.  I’m not going to try to explain it further, because there are videos that do a better job than I can.

Here’s a video from the American Heart Association that’s light-hearted (no pun intended) but incomplete:

Rather than stop with the “Stayin’ Alive” video above, I urge you to go watch the one made by the doctors who developed the technique.  Their video is not as hokey, and it is much more thorough in explaining why the technique works and how to perform it.

The doctors’ video runs about 6 minutes, so what are you waiting for.  Please, go learn this technique and make sure your family members know it too.  It could save a life – even yours!

Continuous Chest Compression CPR Video


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