Neal Unger – 60 Year Old Skateboarder

It’s time to add yet another “UpGraded Senior Superstar” to our ever-growing list of totally amazing seniors.

Neal Unger – Skateboarder

Our newest inductee is Neal Unger and he is a 60-year old skateboarder!  You don’t see too many of those now, do you?

Most of us UpGrading Seniors would think skateboarding is a poor choice of activity for an “old dude.”  But wait, remember prime directive of UpGrading Seniors:

Never, ever, utter the words I’m too old to ____________!!!!

Now I’m certainly not recommending that you UpGraders go out and start skateboarding if you’ve never tried it.  That could result in a lot of cuts, abrasions and broken bones.

But remember, Neal has been at it for a while, and in his words it keeps him “stoked.”  I think that skateboarder-speak for “inspired, enthused, excited, and enjoying each minute of every day.”

Better for him to do what he loves at the risk of a few injuries than to vegetate into senility watching reality shows on the idiot box.  Neal has definitely found an “alternate reality” for his golden years.

So, watch these videos and be inspired – even if skateboarding doesn’t interest you.  There’s a much larger principle involved for us UpGrading Seniors.

“How Old Can I Get And Still Act Young?”

And here’s the best part.  Neal’s found a way to turn his passion into a service to his community by helping out kids who need a mentor.  Way to go, Neal.


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