Want to Live to Be 100? (Advantage – Women)

We Upgrading Seniors aspire to live long and well, and age 100 certainly is a milestone in the aging game.  Depending on your gender, there’s good news, or bad news.

According to the 2010 United States census report, 82.8% of centenarians living in the United States are female.

Right now it appears that the odds are heavily stacked in favor of women when it comes to reaching the 100 milestone, but don’t be discouraged, guys.  17.2% of centenarians are male, so we still have a shot at making 100.

Here’s a link to the census report entitled, Centenarians: 2010 – 2010 Census Special Reports Issued December, 2012.  Its actually an interesting read and contains a wealth of information regarding the 100+ population in the United States.  Take a look.

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