Mingo Falls Hike

This UpGrading Senior took the short, but steep, hike up to Mingo Falls today.

Steps To Mingo FallsMingo Falls is on the Cherokee Indian Reservation just outside of Cherokee, North Carolina.  The trail is only about a quarter of a mile long (one way), but it starts with 162 steps going up, up, and up.  Here’s a surprise.  When you come back, you get to go down, down, and down the same steps.  Be sure to click the photo for a full appreciation of the number of steps.  The small thumbnail to the left doesn’t do them justice.

Hey, we’re supposed to be Upgraded Seniors, so what am I whining about, anyway?

If you ever get the chance, this is a fantastic waterfall and well worth the “step” experience to have a look.  You can find directions in any search engine, or on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park website.

Technically, Mingo Falls is not, however, in the National Park.  It’s just outside the boundary of the park on the Cherokee lands.

The falls are about 120 feet in height and the water flow was abundant for me on this visit in May of 2013.

Mingo Falls

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