Mayor Hazel “Hurricane” McCallion

Here’s another one for the “so, what’s your excuse” category.

Mayor Hazel “Hurricane” McCallion, age 88, the mayor of Mississauga in Ontario, Canada.

Her record is modest. She’s only been mayor for 31 years. She only gets elected by 92% of the vote. Oh, and while every government body known to man or woman is sinking in debt, Hurricane McCallion’s town is debt free and has an $800 million reserve.

And, did I mention, she likes to play ice hockey. Check out the video, Upgrading Seniors. Now, tell me again, “What’s your excuse?”

UPDATE NOVEMBER, 2014: Mayor McCallion retired as mayor of Mississauga in November, 2014. She’s now 94.

So, I guess you think she just went to playing ice hockey full-time 😉 .

Think again. She took a position with the University of Toronto as a special adviser to the president of the university’s Mississauga division on matters related to the strategic development of the school.

You go Mayor! You’re an inspiration to all of us old-timers, and the youngsters could learn a lot from you too.

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