Can Your Kitchen Counter Make You Fat?

See Food DietI’m always careful not to place too much confidence in all the various “scientific” studies that are reported related to health.

As you’ve probably noticed, the studies tend to contradict each other, and the “proven” facts change over time (eggs are good – eggs are bad, fat is good – fat is bad, cereal is healthy – cereal is toxic, etc.).

Even so, most of these studies contain at least a few nuggets that we UpGrading Seniors can use to our advantage.

The See Food Diet

The Cornell Food and Brand Lab released one such study this year. In a nutshell, here’s what they found.

Women who kept cereal anywhere on their kitchen counters weighed on average 20 pounds more than those who didn’t.

And, if there were soft drinks, regular or diet, anywhere on the counters, the women weighed on average 25 pounds more than those who had no soft drinks on their counters.

On the other side of the equation, women who had fruit sitting anywhere out in the kitchen typically weighed about 13 pounds less than women who didn’t.

It’s like the old joke:

I am on the seafood diet. If I see food I eat it!

I assume these principles apply as well to men, although men apparently weren’t included in the study. I know it to be true for me personally. If junk food is readily available, I’ll gradually, and mindlessly, consume it.

Still, the nugget for us UpGraders is, watch out for the “See Food Diet.” Police those counters and don’t keep high calorie, low nutrition snacks easily accessible.

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