Jack LaLanne, Age 95

Most of you have heard of Jack LaLanne.  You might even say he was the original “UpGraded Senior.”

Mr. LaLanne died at age 96 in 2011, so this is a posthumous induction of Mr. LaLanne into the UpGraded Senior Superstars.

He is referred to as the “Godfather of Fitness” and for good reason.

He was decades ahead of the fitness “craze” and remained one of its strongest advocates throughout his life, right up until his death at age 96.

I have two clips for you from Mr. LaLanne.  The first is from his old TV show in his younger days, in which he delivers a message sorely needed today.

The second is a CBS interview with Mr. LaLanne from 2009 when he was 95 and releasing a new book.

Thank you Mr. LaLanne for all the inspiration you provided to so many people over the years.  You are missed and fondly remembered.


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