I Hate Scraping Ice Off My Windshield!

Frozen WindshieldBut, You Live In Florida?

While it’s true, your UpGrading Senior-In-Chief now lives in Florida and rarely (OK, never) has to scrape frost off his windshield in the winter, I lived in Kentucky not so long ago.

One thing I hated about winter was having to stand in the freezing cold and scrape my windshield in the morning, or worse – when leaving work late in the day after a freezing rain.

There I was, in my suit and dress shoes, standing in the elements, freezing and scraping away.

I hated it!

So, Why Worry About It Now?

Well, while it’s too late to do me any good there’s a very good chance that some UpGrading Seniors, maybe you, still suffer at the hands of a frozen windshield.

If so, putting a bottle of this homemade, inexpensive concoction in your car is going to make your life a lot easier.

What Is It?

This short, minute-and-a-half video reveals all.

Boy, I wish I had learned about this sooner!

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