Emma Morano, Age 117

Raw eggs, ladyfingers and brandy.  Could that possibly be the secret to living longer than anyone else on the planet?

Enter Emma Morano

Emma recently turned 117, and is the oldest person alive today.

What’s her secret?

Well, since she was a teenager she has eaten 3 eggs a day – 2 raw and 1 fried.  She also likes ladyfingers and the occasional brandy, I understand.

Remember when we were told by scientists and dieticians that our cholesterol would skyrocket and we would die instantly if we even looked at an egg?

Hmmm.  Guess they might have been wrong on that one.

Emma has cut back on her egg consumption, but it’s not because she’s listening to the diet gurus. She lost her teeth and finds it difficult to eat as much as she used too.

Anyway, Miss Emma Morano is our newest UpGraded Senior Superstar for living longer than anyone else alive today.

Happy birthday, Emma.

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