Ed Whitlock – 85 Year Old Marathoner

An October, 2016 article in Runners’ World magazine caught the eye of your UpGrading Senior-In-Chief. It was a story about yet another remarkable senior.  The headline read like this:

At 85, Ed Whitlock Breaks Four Hours in the Marathon.

I have run marathons.  For those UpGrading Seniors who have never been runners, let me tell you, breaking four hours in a marathon is not an easy task – at any age.

Breaking four hours in a marathon at 85 years of age, well, that’s simply amazing!  Thank you Mr. Whitlock for inspiring UpGrading Seniors everywhere to continue exploring just how deep the rabbit hole of aging goes.

Even if you have no interest in running, Ed’s accomplishment shines the light of reality on what is possible for aging human beings.

Congratulations, Ed Whitlock, on being the newest UpGraded Senior Superstar.

Go forth and UpGrade!


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