Diabetics: Don’t Eat Another Sugar-Free Cookie Until You Read This!

CookiesIf you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic, you’ve probably jumped on the “sugar-free” bandwagon, which includes those foods to appease your sweet tooth, like sugar-free cookies, cakes and other sugar-free pastries.

Before you wolf down another package of those “harmless” treats, you’d better finish reading this post, but you’re not going to like what I have to say.

Until coming across this article, you were no doubt happy that you could enjoy these sugar-free sweet treats that taste “almost” as good as the real thing, while at the same time avoiding a dangerous spike in your blood sugar.

Uh-Oh. Houston, We Have a Problem!

Here’s the dark dietary secret that the purveyors of these sugar-free treats would just as soon you didn’t know:

Flour makes your blood sugar go up almost as much as table sugar!

And what do you suppose is one of the main ingredients of baked goods like cookies, cakes and pastries – even the sugar-free variety?

If you said flour, give yourself a gold star.

So if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, what’s the benefit of your well-intentioned (but misguided) substitution of sugar-free baked goods for the real thing?

The Bad News

Don’t shoot the messenger but eliminating sugar from bakery products does virtually nothing to slow down your rise in blood sugar after consuming these Frankenfoods. So, if you simply must have a baked sweet treat, you might as well go for the real deal (not recommended).

Oh, and we won’t even talk about the chemical concoctions used to make the sugar-free products sweet without sugar. That’s a discussion for another day.

If you’d like to verify this information from a more authoritative source, I suggest reading this short article by Dr. Gabe Mirkin. It goes into a little more detail, yet is still short and written in easily understandable language.

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