I Guarantee This Will Change How You Think About Your Life

Life of a Typical AmericanListen Carefully, My Fellow UpGraded Seniors

You owe it to yourselves to go and read – no, you really should study – this post on the website WaitButWhy.Com.

Pause & Reflect

I am writing this post on New Year’s Eve, 2016, a day when many of us pause to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

Trust me on this.  The post I am recommending will give you a whole new perspective on your life and how you may choose to spend what remains of it.

So please, right now before you forget, go study Tim Urban’s post, You Life in Weeks.

If you really take the time to read through Tim’s post, study his diagrams, and engage in some soul-search thought about your own life, I truly believe it will have the power to change the course of your life.

Extra Credit

When you have completed the UpGraded assignment above, I also suggest you read Tim’s post, The Tail End. It will help you get a handle on what’s really important and how little time we really have to devote to those things that are truly important.

Happy New Year!

(Now go do your homework!)

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