Emma Morano, Age 117

Emma Morano

Raw eggs, ladyfingers and brandy.  Could that possibly be the secret to living longer than anyone else on the planet? Enter Emma Morano Emma recently turned 117, and is the oldest person alive today. What’s her secret? Well, since she was a teenager she has eaten 3 eggs a day – 2 raw and 1…

They’re Saying Your Grandkids Won’t Live As Long

Grim Reaper

I just used that headline to get your attention.  Sorry! New statistics from the National Center For Health Statistics released this month indicate that a baby’s life expectancy at birth actually declined for the total U.S. population from 78.9 years in 2014 to 78.8 in 2015. This is the first such decrease in more than…

Don’t Exercise For Weight Loss!

Don't Exercise to Lose Weight

I’ve kinda known this for a long time, but it runs exactly opposite to the popular notion of why we exercise. We don’t exercise for weight loss, or at least we shouldn’t. If you’re one of those people spending hour after boring hour every week on a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, elliptical trainer or…

Disaster Averted: Running Lesson From a 4 Year Old


Did you ever see an old guy trying to run in 15 year old running shoes with a sole that’s come unglued in the front flopping around? It’s a recipe for disaster (fall, broken hip, etc.) and that was me until yesterday when my new running shoes arrived. I’m trying to resurrect my ability to…

Can Your Kitchen Counter Make You Fat?

See Food Diet

I’m always careful not to place too much confidence in all the various “scientific” studies that are reported related to health. As you’ve probably noticed, the studies tend to contradict each other, and the “proven” facts change over time (eggs are good – eggs are bad, fat is good – fat is bad, cereal is…

Dueling Brains

Brain Battle

Are you of one mind?  Are you sure? What about your ability to focus or concentrate? I thought I was pretty strong in those areas, until I took this little test.  Go ahead – try it yourself if you can handle the truth. So, how’d you do.  I improved quickly once I “trained my brain,”…

Some Seniors Never Learn

Doris Payne

So much for the old saying, “with age comes wisdom.” This 86 year old geriatric jewel thief, Doris Payne, doesn’t seem to have learned much about personal integrity, or staying out of jail, in all her many years. Watch the latest video at

On the Shortness of Time (and Its Misuse)

Time has Flewn

Home Be Inspired Laugh Get Fit Live Longer Bob’s Comments & Adventures Eat Better Get Smart UpGraded SeniorLifestyles for Active Seniors! On the Shortness of Time (and It’s Misuse) “You may delay, but time will not.”  — Benjamin Franklin As we get older I think our appreciation of time increases.  We are more mindful of…

Lilly Day Gets Down At Age 95

This is Lilly Day, age 95, and she is strictly bustin’ the moves with her Christmas scarf and Earth, Wind & Fire’s Christmas CD. Does this put a smile on your face, or what? You can’t help but love her spunk and sassy attitude. You go girl. Lilly is the newest UpGraded Senior Superstar!

Chefs For Seniors

Here’s an interesting concept by a new startup company called “Chefs for Seniors.” Chefs for Seniors’ state mission is to help seniors thrive in their homes  What Chefs for Seniors does is send a chef to a senior’s home to prepare healthy meals and to provide companionship in the process. Chefs for Seniors has a…

Music Therapy For Alzheimer’s Patients


Remarkable changes in Alzheimer’s patients occur when they listen to individualized music. The simple act of listening to music from a patient’s past enables the patient to reconnect with the people around them and to remember more about their past. Music therapy seems to have benefits for a wide range of patients, not just those…