Bowling a Perfect Game (the Hard Way)

dale-davisHere’s another entry for the “UpGraded Senior Superstars.”  Mr. Dale Davis.  What makes Dale a senior superstar you ask?

Well, in 2008 at age 78 Mr. Davis bowled a perfect 300 game.  For the non-bowlers, a perfect game means rolling 12 strikes (all pins knocked down with one ball) in a row in a single game.

If you’ve ever bowled, you know how difficult getting one strike is, much less 12 in a row.

Some of you hard cases out there are probably saying, “So what.  Lots of people have bowled perfect games.”

Fair enough.  Lots of people have bowled perfect games, but they are an extremely small group out of the total bowling population, and most of them weren’t 78 years old when they rolled their perfect games.

Oh, and there is one other fact that makes Mr. Davis’ perfect game unique – at the time he was legally blind.  I encourage you to read the full inspirational story of Mr. Davis’ perfect game at ESPN.

Congratulations, Mr. Davis.  That’s quite a remarkable UpGraded Senior performance!


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