Bridge a Life Superhero 5K Run

Well, on February 18, 2017 the Sarasota Bridge a Life Superhero 5K run was held for the benefit of foster children in the Sarasota area. Count me in!  How could I miss supporting the foster kids and having a great time in the Florida sunshine at the same time?  It’s what UpGraded Seniors do. Running…

Habits – Our Invisible Prison

I’ve been thinking about habits lately.  See what you think about this, UpGraders . . . (Warning:  it can be at once enlightening – and frightening.) Take a few minutes to ponder your habits and how they affect you. It truly is frightening, and if you don’t think so, then you haven’t pondered enough. “A…

This Is a Job I Do NOT Want!

Tower Man

Talk about a job that requires both nerve and fitness, watch this video all the way through. The star of this show doesn’t qualify as a “senior,” but I bet when he’s older he’ll be an UpGraded Senior. His is a job I would not do – period!  No amount of money could change my…

I Hate Scraping Ice Off My Windshield!

Frozen Windshield

But, You Live In Florida? While it’s true, your UpGrading Senior-In-Chief now lives in Florida and rarely (OK, never) has to scrape frost off his windshield in the winter, I lived in Kentucky not so long ago. One thing I hated about winter was having to stand in the freezing cold and scrape my windshield…

Jack LaLanne, Age 95

Jack LaLanne

Most of you have heard of Jack LaLanne.  You might even say he was the original “UpGraded Senior.” Mr. LaLanne died at age 96 in 2011, so this is a posthumous induction of Mr. LaLanne into the UpGraded Senior Superstars. He is referred to as the “Godfather of Fitness” and for good reason. He was…

Fingernails Win!


Here’s another totally useless fact for you: “Fingernails grow about 4 times faster than toenails.“ If you figure out anything to do with that

A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective

I guess at times we all feel like our contemporaries have aged much more than we have. I suspect that secretly they feel the same way about us. It’s a matter of perspective, I suppose.



If you are a senior who is clueless about how to start an exercise program, take a look at the National Institute on Aging Go4Life Program.  It’ll get you going in the right direction. OK, we eliminated that excuse.  Why are you still here?  Go4Life.

Oh, Stop It!

Laughing Babies

Remember when you were younger and you and a friend got a bad case of uncontrollable giggles – usually in a totally inappropriate place, like school or church? And every time you’d look at each other – it would start again. Well, UpGraders, these two toddlers know the feeling! They are simply unable to control…