Are You Taking a Statin Drug?


First, remember – I am not a physician.  Don’t do anything related to your prescription drugs based on my rants!  That said, Dr. Mercola is a physician.  In this post I’m going to direct you to a very interesting discussion of statin drugs prepared by Dr. Mercola.  If you are taking statins (1 in 4 Americans over 45 are), you owe it to yourself as an Upgrading Senior to read Dr.  Mercola’s discussion of the efficacy of statin drugs.  Knowledge is power!

Who Can You Trust?

I don’t take statin drugs. I don’t take any prescription drugs. And, honestly, I don’t trust pharmaceutical companies.  In my view, pharmaceutical companies are far more interested in looking after the health of their bottom lines than they are in looking after my health.

In fact, based upon some of the prescription drug related health fiascoes that have occurred in recent decades, I suggest that pharmaceutical companies may be more than willing to look after the health of their profits at the expense of your health and mine!

So, I am not an impartial reporter on this issue.  I definitely approach the subject with a bias.

The Search For Truth

For me, one of the most difficult aspects of being an Upgrading Senior is finding a physician who actually seeks to treat the cause of medical problems rather than simply masking the problem’s symptoms with drugs.

Fortunately, I don’t have any medical problems at the moment that require treatment, but if I did I don’t know where I would find a physician in my area who would take the time to identify the source of the problem rather than treat the symptoms with drugs.  It seems to be the treatment of choice for most modern physicians.

One great advantage that we Upgrading Seniors have over seniors of bygone years is the internet.  If we are willing to spend the time, we can research almost any subject, medical or otherwise, through resources available on the internet.

For me, one of the better resources I have found is Dr. Mercola’s website, Mercola.Com.  I strongly recommend it.

Now, my endorsement is not unqualified.  I forewarn you that Dr. Mercola himself has a healthy profit motive.  He promotes and sells his own line of supplements and fitness programs.  So, he is not totally impartial either.

But, I have always found his articles to be accurate and very enlightening.  He provides a much needed counter-balance to all the drug company promotions that those who watch television are subjected to almost constantly.

The “Skinny” On Statins

Getting back to statin drugs, Dr. Mercola published an article today (6/7/2013) about statin drugs in which he points out that there are over 900 published studies proving the adverse effects of statin drugs.

One of the major benefits of exercise is the beneficial effect it has on heart health, partially because exercise is a natural way to maintain cholesterol levels.

Guess what.  A recent study has shown that statins may actually negate the health benefits of exercise.  So, all that work you’re doing in the gym to keep your heart healthy may be for naught if you are taking statins.  Dr. Mercola’s article discusses the study in more detail.

In view of the fact that statin drugs have been directly linked to over 300 side effects and considering the additional fact that there are natural methods that can be used to control cholesterol levels, if you are currently taking statins you should take the time to read and absorb Dr. Mercola’s information.

His article discusses whether you actually need to be taking statin drugs in the first place, and also  methods you can use to control cholesterol naturally.  I found the article very interesting, even though I am not taking statins.  It would have been even more interesting if I were!

[UPDATE 9/5/2014Today I published a post with a brief “counter-point” regarding statin drugs from a physician who enthusiastically recommends their use for certain people, especially those over 50 years of age.  I am not convinced, but he makes some interesting points and in the interest of presenting both sides of the discussion, I have published the post.  You may read it here.]

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