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Diabetics: Don’t Eat Another Sugar-Free Cookie Until You Read This!


If you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic, you’ve probably jumped on the “sugar-free” bandwagon, which includes those foods to appease your sweet tooth, like sugar-free cookies, cakes and other sugar-free pastries. Before you wolf down another package of those “harmless” treats, you’d better finish reading this post, but you’re not going to like what I have to…

The Best (and Cheapest) Detox for Seniors

Poison Detox

We humans are an arrogant bunch. For some odd reason we think we can improve God’s/Nature’s/Evolution’s (depending on your beliefs) designs, which have been under development and constant improvement for millions of years. One of the latest examples of our arrogance is the very trendy concept of a cleanse or detox. I just took a…

Why Diet Sodas Make Seniors Fat

Diet Soda

[Spoiler Alert: if you’re offended by the word “fat,” this article is not for you.] “Fat” is not a politically correct designation for my fellow humans, but why ignore the fact. There are a lot of fat people in the world and most of them desperately want to be thin. And, they would be happier…

Pros and Cons of Flu Shots for Seniors

Flu Shot

If you listen to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and pharmaceutical companies, any sensible person, and especially seniors, will get an annual flu shot. But, if an UpGraded Senior noses around a little and actually examines the facts (gasp!) as opposed to the propaganda, the case for flu shots is not nearly as convincing…

What’s Up With Men and TV?

It’s a rare event for me to watch TV, but when I visit friends and a guy is in control of the clicker, the truth of this observation by Jerry Seinfeld about men and television is never more apparent: