It’s Not How Old You Are – It’s How You Are Old.”

— Jules Renard (1864 – 1910)

Exhibit A:  Mayor Hazel McCallion

Thanks for Raising the Bar.  Well Done, Mayor!

BobWhen you retire, you have time on your hands.  When you have time on your hands, you either:

Option 1:  Get bored, or

Option 2:  Spend your time learning about and enjoying all the things you never had time to pursue when you were working full time.

(There is a third option if you are married or have a significant other – Option 3: spend all your time working on “honey-do” lists.  We won’t go there.)

I’m Bob Page (age 67 68), a retired estate planning and tax attorney.  That’s me on the left.  I chose “Option 2.” This website is one of the ways that I keep myself from defaulting to “Option 1.” 

Maybe you’ll find something here that will help you avoid “Option 1” in your retirement too.  I hope so!

 For Starters

It would be an understatement to say that I’m not too excited about the “traditional” model for aging – prescription meds, sedentary life, aches, pains, deteriorating physical, mental and spiritual health.

I’m a realist.  I know some of that is inevitable, or nearly so.  Nevertheless, I plan to take the admonishment of   Dylan Thomas to heart, “do not go gentle into that good night.”

So, that’s one of the focuses of Upgraded Senior – I’m looking for an “alternate reality” in which to spend my golden years 😉 .

What About You – Can You Imagine a Different Kind Of Old Age?

If you can, then I think you’re going to enjoy UpGraded Senior.

Through UpGradedSenior.Com we can share information, resources and inspiration with other seniors – all directed at escaping the “traditional senior” paradigm.

In closing, consider this sage advice most recently offered in a Maxine cartoon:

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave, with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!” [Anon. Recently, Maxine cartoon]

OK, so let’s not get too carried away with the chocolate (it should be dark, at least 70% cacao) and martinis (they should really be red wine in moderation), but you get the concept. Stay active, live to the fullest, and most of all – have fun doing it!

SuperSenior300x300The UpGraded Senior Honor Role

To get you motivated and to shine a light on the possibilities for Upgraded Seniors, I’ve located some UpGraded Senior Superstars.

These people drive a stake right in the heart of the belief that old age has to mean poor health, frailty and mental deterioration.

They truly are superheroes in my book, and they serve as  powerful living examples that there is an alternative to the traditional senior lifestyle.

The highly marketed and well-funded paradigm for old age promoted by big pharmaceutical companies and the health care industry is not our only choice.

 Hacking the Senior Lifestyle

Jules Renard hit the nail on the UpGraded Senior head: “It’s not how old you are – it’s how you are old.” Think of it as an adventure in aging.  Some things we’ll get right.  Inevitably, some things will go wrong despite our efforts.

UpGradedSenior.Com is where I’ll chronicle the folly of my attempts to elude frailty and death. It is said that “there’s no fool like an old fool.” In my own defense, I am not unaware of the futility of the undertaking given the seeming inevitability of death.  I just want to be mindful of “how I am old” and do what can be done to postpone the incapacities.

As Sherlock Holmes was fond of saying, “the game is afoot.” [Shakespeare said it first.  Who knew?]

Not Ready To Act Your Age?

I hope you’ll join the quest here at UpGradedSenior.Com. There’s just one requirement – you must be a senior who is not ready to “act your age!”

To stay current on my latest shenanigans – I mean “research” – you can sign up for the UpGraded Senior Report by entering your information in the “I’m Ready To UpGrade” form at the bottom of this page, or just check back and follow my blog (link above in the navigation bar) to see what’s going on in the UpGraded Senior world.

So, you have a choice to make:

Which Senior Lifestyle Do You Choose?

Click the Image for Your Choice. Concentrate! It’s Really Not All That Difficult 😉 .


Traditional Senior


UpGraded Senior

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PS: If you’re still unclear about what it could mean for you to become an UpGraded Senior, watch some of the UpGraded Senior Superstars videos and compare their “golden years” to the alternative offered by the more traditional approach. Now are you ready to join the UpGraded Senior Revolution?